Our focus is simple

Create a culture where ideas and projects thrive.

Acre Cloud, our first project, is here to lead the way.

We're in the 805 to develop some totally amazing projects.

We have an ambitious goal of creating the next tech hub in Paso Robles, California. We're diligently working towards that goal by giving our developers the freedom to create some really cool tech, while also working with 805 locals to bring some amazing ideas to life. Here's our process:

When we decided to launch 805 Projects, we made sure we organically developed our startup and engineering process. With attentive project management, meticulous engineering, and an emphasis on reliability, we determined what worked then threw out the rest.

We made it our culture to plan efficiently, iterate quickly, and deliver solutions fast, without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Here at 805 Projects, we take pride in everything we do, from designing the smallest element to developing intricate solutions to your toughest problems.

Our Focus

Our inital focus is AgTech and we are commited to creating solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and which people love to use.

In-house Development

The 805 team is always thinking of projects to work on. Once we've vetted a few projects, we'll carefully choose one per year to begin developing in-house. Fun fact, Acre Cloud was our first project.

Engineering Design

Many AgTech projects require the design of physical items, so we've put together a team of engineers with stellar design backgrounds to help launch these projects. This team is available to everyone through 805 Projects.

805 Startups

Have an idea but don't have all the skills needed to bring it to life? We can help by putting together the right team for your project. Our in-house resources are fully available and if we're missing a certain talent we'll find that person for you.

Industry Partnerships

We are constantly building our list of growers that are willing to give the newest technology a go. This network of eager individuals makes it easy to test ideas and get real world feedback. If your part of a 805 Startups you'll have access to this network.

Project Boards

Project Boards are specifically for college students. These boards contain projects, submitted by growers, that are available to students as school projects. Best thing, these projects can turn into business opportunities.

805 Basecamp

We're creating 805 Basecamp so that like-minded entrepreneurs and engineers have a place to work together and create amazing things. These workspaces will have everything needed to incubate ideas and accelerate their development. We're looking to make this available Summer 2019.

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We're proud of our first project

Acre Cloud is our first completed project. It was developed to help growers take control of the farm labor industry.

Regain Control of Labor

Farm labor has proven to be an ongoing headache for growers, Acre is here to change that. Acre Cloud's platform allows growers to regain control of the hiring and managing of farm labor contractors via a simple cloud based work order system.

Manage From Anywhere

Need information about your labor usuage? No problem. Acre was developed in the cloud so you'll have access to your labor data whenever you need it. No more searching through paperwork at the office

Gain Insight

Not sure how your orginization is doing compared to other growers? Acre gives you the information you need to understand labor rates, labor usage, and which contractors to hire.

Explore Acre Cloud

Want to explore how Acre can change the way you manage your Contract Farm Labor, simply enter your email below and we'll schedule a demo for you!

Common Questions

Here's a couple of common questions and answers about 805 Projects, what we do, and how we love working with the communities we're a part of.

What exactly is 805 Projects?

805 Projects is a hybrid between an startup incubator/accelerator and an engineering firm. We say hybrid because we have in-house developers, engineers, project managers, and designers that work on projects specifically for our portfolio of internal and external clients.

How do I get my idea into 805 Startups?

Acceptance into 805 Startups is determined by your eagerness and type of project. We open up our project submittal process during the spring and announce the projects we will be considering 3 weeks after the submittal process is closed. Make sure to be ready to pitch your idea.

How do Project Boards work?

Project boards are available to all college students looking for a school project ideas. We are constantly talking with individuals in industry which have problems or issues that need to be solved. These issues are reviewed and most of them are made available on our Project Boards for students to try and solve. Best of all, we can help students present their solutions to the grower in need and get paid for their work.

Is 805 Projects currently hiring?

We are not currently hiring, but check back often as our project needs change frequently.

Our Latest News

Take a peek into 805 projects by reading about some of our latest activities.

Cultivate is set to launch.

15 Oct 2018 Elias Cabrera

Growers are on the brink of labor chaos, Acre FLM is here to bring order.

Why 805 and what it represents.

16 Oct 2018 Elias Cabrera

The 805 is a special place with a very interesting situation, its untapped talent.

We Love Founders

01 Oct 2018 Elias Cabrera

We love founders because founders aren't afraid to push the limits.

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